GuardaVino, an affordable solution

There are already a number of systems in existence, most of which are well known in the hospitality industry, to prevent the oxidation of wine. Vacuum systems which suck out a proportion of the air in a bottle can help slow down the oxidation process but cannot prevent it entirely. Subtle aroma's also disappear while vacuuming. More recently, alternative systems have been invented which replace the air in the bottle by nitrogen, carbon dioxide or even argon. There are also "closet' - systems which allow wine to be served “on tap” with the aid of nitrogen. These gasses are heavier than air and have the added advantage that they do not mix with the wine or alter its taste. These systems ask a serious investment.

GuardaVino offers an affordable solution. It lays a kind of protective cushion of nitrogen on the surface of the wine. The valuable wine is subsequently prevented from coming into contact with the air, protecting it for up to several weeks after opening without altering the taste. The small spray can has about 50 dosages and costs 12,49€ (consumer price). It's a solution for bar owner, wine merchant and wine lover.

GuardaVino comes recommended by WineWise, that offers the famous WSET ® wine courses (Wine and Spirit Education Trust). WSET® is one of the world’s most renowned wine education institutes.